Hard Core

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Hard Core

Hard Core Exercises

As you saw in my previous post your core muscles are vital to you operating in daily life, but if you are sick of sit ups here are some surprising exercises that will work your core. Not a crunch in sight I promise you!


I can’t get enough of these babies right now, not only do they work your legs, arms and butt, your core gets a serious workout right through your training. The instability of working with kettlebells means your core is constantly switched on through the workout so you get the added advantage that brings. Can I hear you say ripped abs?


This one little bodyweight exercise can be done anywhere and is a great one to include in any workout you do. The important thing with a plank is holding your form correctly. Get into press up position (body should be in a straight line from shoulders to ankles), bend your elbows and place fore arms on floor to take your weight. Engage your core by sucking in your belly button and hold for the longest time you can!

Work into your workout – try starting with 30 second planks and working up from there. For a variation that works your obliques, try a left or right plank, or even a superman plank!


The good old burpee is the exercise you love to hate and for good reason as these puppies will get you sweating in no time! Like the plank, no equipment is needed as your body does all the work and your core is activated right through the exercise. If you want to see how to do a burpee, check out this video:


Work into your workout – start by doing 10 with no break then work it up from there.

Russian twist

This isn’t a crunch so I didn’t break my promise! A Russian twist can be done with or without weights (use a kettlebell or medicine ball) and your core is fully focused on keeping you stable. This video give you a guide to good technique.


Work into your workout – start by doing your twist with your feet on the ground and a lighter weight. Do 10 each side. For a more advanced variation, use a heavier weight and lift your feet from the ground.

So there you go. Exercises to get those abs working and not a crunch in sight!

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