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The Manly Beach Female Fitness Team


Personal Trainer

Tashi is a qualified Personal Trainer with 8 years of experience, working towards her Doctor of Physiotherapy.   Passionate about movement and living a rad fun life, Tashi’s take on personal training is underpinned by her understanding of the busy life needing a good mix play, cost effectiveness, supportive and results driven.  You will find learning how to move well with Tashi a unique experience; moving well, playing often equals living a rad life.

Education and Qualifications

Currently studying Physiotherapy

Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Power Lifting


Favourite Things

Beach: Long Reef.

Eatery: Waka Japanese!

Watering hole: Hemminways.

What I love about my job: Believe it or not, the early mornings!  How can you beat the sunrise at Manly beach everyday.  Even when it rains I still enjoy, it’s always a reminder how lucky we are rain, hail or shine with a view like Manly.

What you will see me doing on the weekend: Paragliding, speedflying, surfing, skydiving, vanlife-ing and playing music :).

Training style: A balance of fun, direct, friendly and caring.  I always aim for a good mix of learning and laughing :).

Favourite Quote: A lot of what weighs you down isn’t yours to carry!


Personal Trainer

Ben is a fully qualified exercise science graduate and cert IV Personal Trainer with a fun loving personalty! With over a decades worth of experience as personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Ben is passionate about inspiring people to live life to their fullest. He has a passion for good movement and has a unique ability to get the best from the people who train with him.

Education and Qualifications

Certificate IV in Fitness (personal trainer)

Certificate III in Fitness (gym instructor and group exercise instructor)

Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate

Favourite Things

Beach: Any with soft sand and good surf.

Eatery: I can’t choose just one.

Watering hole:Four Pines!

What I love about my job: Just the relationships we form with people and the part we play in their lives.

What you will see me doing on the weekend: Probably on the beach listening to music or in the surf.

Training style: A holistic approach tailored to the individual.

Favourite Quote: Do or do not, their is no try.



Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Education and Qualifications

My name is Katie Sparrow and I am originally from the wonderful land of New Zealand.
I’ve been living in Manly for the last 5 and a half years and Personal Training For 5 of those.

Highly influenced by my upbringing in NZ, I have always LOVED exercise and the outdoors.
This first got me into wanting to learn more about physical education, and I soon found that I loved teaching it too and being a part of helping others increase their motivation and experience the great therapeutic and adrenaline pumping feeling that being physical gives us.

I’m also a performing artist and spend a lot of my time acting, making movies, being a bit nutty, and of course exploring the beautiful outdoors and probably imagining I am in a fantasy land.

Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness

Diploma in Life Coaching

Cert in advanced dramatic arts

Favourite Things

Beach: Give me a beach and a bush and I’ll be sorted, chuck a group of friends in with it and I’ll be even happier! I’d probably have to rank Shelly as my fave, I love that it feels and looks secluded and is right next to the North head bush.

Food: Nothing beats sweet potato to me. Baked, chips, boiled, mashed, I could eat it every meal.

Watering hole: Favourite alcoholic drink is definitely apple crumble cocktails at In situ.

What I love about my job: Helping others feel the amazing feeling that exercise gives us and breaking mental barriers.

What you will see me doing on the weekend: Swimming, running, exploring, adventuring around, hanging out with friends, making movies.

Training style: Resistance training, trail running, I also love trying new exercises and training regimes, and I particularly love doing exercise that pushes me to my physical limits.

Favourite Quote: If you really want something you will find a way, if you don’t, you will find an excuse.


Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer Lara Portrait

After watching a family member struggle with a chronic illness, Lara knows all too well that there is nothing more important than your health. Her goal is to encourage and inspire others to improve their health and achieve things they never thought possible.

Education and Qualifications

Certificate IV in Fitness (personal trainer)

Certificate III in Fitness (gym instructor and group exercise instructor)

Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate

Favourite Things

Beach:Freshwater Beach.

Eatery:Emelia’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Curl Curl.

Watering hole:Not much of a drinker actually!

What I love about my job: Having the opportunity to help people improve their health and fitness and achieve their goals.

What you will see me doing on the weekend: Hiking, cycling, trail running, camping, going to the beach and planning adventures.

Training style: Chose a goal to work towards and know that every training session is getting you one step closer to achieving it.

Favourite Quote: You miss 100 per cent of the shots you don’t take.


Yoga Instructor

Natalie was at a gym yoga class years ago, when she remembers thinking “Yawn! How
long until I get out of this boring session?” This was when her monkey mind was something
of a beast and a glass of wine seemed the easier route.

Several years passed until her old lifestyle habits left her feeling empty, unrewarded and
searching for something more. She practiced a bit, took more regular classes but it wasn’t
until she completed a year of study that stuff really started to change!

She never wanted to be a teacher but after experiencing firsthand, what felt like, a
complete transformation, she couldn’t not go onto share it. Yoga, meditation and the
power of coaching came into her life and with it…a completely different trajectory.

In the few years since her initial training, her job, her living situation, her circle of friends
and the entire way she approached life changed.

Now she is dedicated to empowering people to create the healthiest, happiest, most
loving & meaningful life available to them.

Education and Qualifications

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma & 150 hour Advanced Diploma

650 Yoga Therapy Training (still completing. Completed modules: Yoga Therapy Foundations, Yoga Psychology and Mental Health, Vital Systems)

Yoga for Women

Yoga for Kids

Sound in Yoga

Favourite Things

Beach: Hmmm….so many, if we’re talking Northern Beaches then I’d have to choose Mona Vale,something about those cliffs that is so wild. Also, love North Curl Curl as it tends to be quieter.

Eatery: For breakfast it’s gotta be Cafe Ora or Ruby Lane.

Watering hole: My favourite little wine bar closed down a while back so would have to say Hugo’s. Even though it’s boring as I’ve been there a millions times, you can’t beat the lighting, the view and the wine list isn’t bad.

What I love about my job: They say “if you want to learn, teach”. Teaching helps to keep me accountable and forever a student. I am always learning from my students.

What you will see me doing on the weekend: Ocean as much as possible. Plus eating amazing food with my partner, friends and loving on my dog!.

Training style: Gently does it for me. I love to train but rarely do. I find my yoga practice gives me what I need.

Favourite Quote: I love a good quote, it’s hard to choose but I love “whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you’re right.” Henry Ford
One you’ll often hear me saying is “that’s information for you”